Kay Daniels

(Kay Daniels) #1

Hi everyone. I’m so excited to be a part of this conference! Passion City Church here in Atlanta is our home church and I have the joyous privilege to be under amazing teaching and worship, where Jesus is the lead story. RZIM has led a conference at our church as part of the Passion Global Institute that I was privileged to attend, also.
I am interested in this conference because I want to know how to be more Gospel friendly, winsome, and understanding in multi-cultural Atlanta and specially because my niece, my sister’s daughter, is married to a Moroccan. He became a Christian, lives in the US. It has been an extremely difficult transition adjusting to our US culture. Praying over this time of testing in their lives. Thankful and grateful for the RZIM ministry!

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Kay,

Welcome! I love Passion church and the Passion movement. An incredible work of God. I’m excited that you’ll be involved in the UAI and trust it will provide additional insight and compassion as you hospitably love your niece’s husband. I love your heart!

(Jessica Fogel) #3

Hey Kay! Passion City is my Sunday church also! I attend the 5. Missed Ravi there but will be there this Sunday😃 See you tonight!

(Kay Daniels) #4

Jessica! Sorry to have missed not finding you at the conference! There were 4 of us there from PCC (that I know of ) and we were on the lookout for a Jessica name tag. We were thrilled, inspired and convicted with all that was shared at the conference. Would have loved to have connected with you! I will be at the 5 tonight, but depending on when I serve as a doorholder, determines which gathering I go to. Thanks for reaching out!