Kay P

Say hello… Hello, it’s nice to meet all of you.

Where are you from? Originally from the great state of Texas.

What led you to join Connect? I’ve been a long-time “fan” of Ravi and his ministry team. As the world grows pathologically darker, RZIM’s guiding light – to the love and mercy of Christ – grows more resplendent. The ministry team’s work is unquestionably challenging but vitally important. Discussing viable resources, from leading Christian apologists, can only help the untrained Christian better understand and communicate the Good News in a time of desperate need.

How do you hope to contribute? I’m not an apologist by either talent or training but would be an eager student of the truth.


Welcome aboard @artofmine. Finding truth is awesome and the journey to it is rewarding. I think connect will be a great tool for truth seeking. Thanks for coming along side us. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello, Kay, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: It’s great to hear of your hunger to know truth, and that’s what we all are here- seeking to help others better understand God’s Truth. I look forward to learning more from you here.


Hello Kay! @artofmine

Welcome to Connect! Are you an artist by chance? I love the drawing in your profile picture.

You are in good company here- as there are many of us who are eager students of the truth- whatever talents the Lord has blessed us with- we can be sure He has a purpose for each of our lives.

So glad you’ve joined us! :relaxed:


So true. Welcome to connect @artofmine, what a wonderful and profound introduction! I see you are a PR strategist. I think you and @CarsonWeitnauer may have some things in common???


Hi @artofmine, it would be so good to have your perspective in these conversations. As you know so well, we want to faithfully share the truth in a persuasive way. Your own gifting and career has so much to offer us.