(Katie Bullock ) #1

Hi. I am trying to view the Webinar, but having issues finding a link to it.

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Katie. Hopefully you’ve found connection now to the Church Leaders Conference. This post might help.

(Katie Bullock ) #5


 Thankfully, I found the connection to the Church Leaders Conference. Thank you very much! <3
(Brittany Bowman) #6

Technology can be so frustrating- until you get the “aha!” moment where it all suddenly makes sense. Glad you got it to work!! I’d love to hear what stood out to you most from the conference.

(Katie Bullock ) #7


   Thank you for asking. As of right now, the crises of persecuted Christians, and the global scale of a sick Church is overwhelming. 

   In like manner, which portion of the conference has resonated with you?
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(Brittany Bowman) #8

So far, I have only listened to two. I enjoyed Ravi Zaharias’ call to address modern culture and listen to young people’s questions. Francis Chan’s exhortation to warn people causing disagreements coupled with the moving story of his time in Africa really has played in my mind today. Looking forward to getting to the rest soon! :wink:

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