Keith Barnes

Hello…Everyone. I am excited to join this community as there are so many opportunities to lead other to the truth of Jesus! And so many conflicting messages in the air. I am from Frisco, Texas near Dallas. I became aware of Ravi years ago but was reintroduced a few weeks ago at Gateway Church in Southlake. I began listing to the podcasts recently and wanted to go deeper in my knowledge. Not sure I can be a major contributor as I am more of a Barnabas type but I am an excellent listener!


Welcome, Keith @Kbarnes011 ! We are so glad you’re here! I’m a fellow Texan, and have been to Frisco several times. Lovely place!


Nice to meet you. Frisco has grown so much over the years. Had to recognize that it used to be a small town.


I thought that too last time I was there! The little towns around me are bursting also. It’s good to be a Texan :smile: !

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@Kbarnes011 Hi Keith, So pleased that you have taken the step to join us here on Connect!

Listening is extremely important in all relationship and communication—not least in our evangelistic and apologetic engagements. I think you will find there is some worthwhile listening to do in here among the community’s buzzing conversations. I hope you will get in there, listen (because listening really is more than merely reading the post) to the discussions underway, and then maybe begin to post some questions of your own, or chime in where you feel you have an insight that is missing from the conversation. Attentive listeners often have some of the best insights, so I am grateful to have you here with us.

Again, welcome to Connect!


Nice to meet you Keith!

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Welcome aboard @Kbarnes011. You are a blessing to this site for connecting with us. So glad you were reintroduced to RZIM. Explore the categories and topics here at your leisure. God-bless you and your journey.