Say hello…

York, Pennsylvania

What led you to join Connect?I heard about Connect on an RZIM podcast.

How do you hope to contribute? I hope to glean information from other people’s answers. If I have something to contribute by way of an answer, I may. I look forward to being connected to this believing, thinking community.


Welcome Kellie! York?! I’ve been through York many times. Cool town. Glad you’re here!

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Nice to meet you Kellie!

Welcome, @KAT!

Welcome aboard @KAT. Great to have you connecting with us. What podcast is your favorite? I really like Just Thinkin. I hope you have a blessed time reading the discourse and participating when you are led. God-bless you and your journey. Happy new year.

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Hello Keldon. I listen to Let My People Think when I’m working around the house or driving. Happy New year!


Hi Kellie, welcome to Connect! I also enjoy the RZIM podcasts at home and as I’m driving. It is great that we have this forum to learn from each other!


Happy New Year Kat, :fireworks:

What a wonderful time to venture into connect, please visit often and we look forward to your answers and your questions. :tulip:

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Thank you Roseann. Happy new year!

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Hi Travis! Thanks for the welcome. Happy new year!