Kelsey Gaston

Hi! My name is Kelsey and I am from northwest Georgia. I joined Connect because of an RZIM podcast that talked about it and because I have a passion to know more about God. I hope to contribute by asking deep questions about our faith.


Welcome aboard @cajunrig. So glad that you have that Passion. I truly believe you will be able to pursue that here. There are so many well read and caring members. God’s blessing on your pursuits. Ask away and I look forward to reading your posts.

Hello Kelsey! It’s so wonderful that you are seeking more. Connect is such a great place to express your concerns and questions. And you will find a great of people who share the same thoughts and struggles and willing to share what they have reached. Would love to see you in the forums. Keep the enthusiasm up!

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Welcome @cajunrig, I too am from NW GA. I will be praying for you with your struggles that you mentioned in your intro. I hope you find some peace. What was the name of the podcast that you listened to from RZIM and where did you find it?

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Great to meet like minded people here like you Kelsey. Also living in Northern GA.