Hello, from the Pacific North West!

No, it’s not raining (as of this moment).

I heard about Connect from listening to the RZIM Ask Away podcast. I heard of the podcast from the RZIM newsletter about a year ago now, which I subscribed to after reading numerous article by different RZIM speakers et al, the contents of which I became interested in after watching Ravi Zacharias speak on YouTube. And before him it was Michael Ramsden’s talk on the Prodigal Son over two years ago now that I rededicated my life to Jesus. I have been going down the RZIM rabbit hole since then and am loving it!
I hope to take part in many fruitful discussions on Connect and ask some questions
Super duper.


Glad you found your way here @Kennedy!


Nice to meet you Kennedy!


Welcome Kennedy,
Hello fellow believer in Christ, so glad to have you share, would love to hear more about your spiritual journey when you have time. Hope you have many fruit filled discussions.
Blessings of peace


Welcome aboard @Kennedy. What a path you have been on. So glad Connect was on your rabbit hole path. Please participate as often as you are able. You will get the most out of it. So glad another prodigal story is out there. I am one as well. Please share when you are able. There is a category called member testimonies. Please consider telling us about your journey. Here is a link to mine: Testimony - Kel -- A divorce lawyer in marriage ministry?. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @Kennedy! You just blessed our souls by telling us you rededicated your life to Christ :heart: So very thankful you joined here and told us that :pray:t3: It starts my day off well. I do hope to read more from you as you engage here. I see @Keldon_Scott has already given you the link to testimonies. I look forward to reading yours, should you choose to post it. Take care and God bless :heart: