Kevin McDonald

Say hello…Pastor Kevin McDonald, Covenant Presbyterian Church (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) Omaha, Nebraska

Where are you from? Omaha, Nebraska

What led you to join Connect? I am going to be teaching an 8 Week Course on Christian Apologetic in February and March 2020

How do you hope to contribute? I want to listen and contribute as I am led.


Nice to meet you this place has tons of information for whatever you need honestly


Welcome aboard @Omahamac1. It is awesome to have you joining us. Are you using your own curriculum for the 8 weeks? Best to you on that. My mother’s side of the family is from Nebraska- up by Spenser and Oneill. I hope you are blessed with the discussion threads. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hello Pastor, Nebraska very cold this time of year? Pray your class will be enlightening and fruitful to you and all who participate. Welcome, looking to read you posts with anticipation.


Nice to meet you Kevin!

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