Kevin Spangler

Say hello…Hello

Where are you from? Easternshore of Maryland, USA

What led you to join Connect? I have appreciated the input I have recieved from Ravi and the RZIM staff over the years and hope to be a vehicle for God to use me locally so that I can do the same for others.

How do you hope to contribute? Develop connections with those already connected at RZIM and learn from them how best to use this forum so that I can contribute in both thought (Word) and deed. I expect I will find like minded people of faith and those who are seeking answers to important questions who are from my area and I will be able to find practical ways to connect and possibly serve the Lord together while supporting the work and community of RZIM.


Hi Kevin - welcome! Thank you for your desire to connect with others who desire to serve the Lord. Contributing in word and deed will be welcomed here, for sure. Praying your presence here will bless you as God meets you where you are.


Kevin Welcome. May God grant your request to share his good news effectively in your local community.


Kevin, it is wonderful to have you join us. Eastern Shore is so beautiful- I have been for a few school trips and really loved it. Your entire post beautifully summarizes the purpose Connect- of learning and serving others in a way that shows the world the love of Christ. I especially appreciate this thought,

learn from them how best to use this forum so that I can contribute in both thought (Word) and deed

Hadn’t it put that way before, but very true


Thank you Lara for your kind greeting and your prayers.


Thank you!

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Thank you Britney for your feedback. I do hope we will be able to share ideas over time that help us both to grow in the Lord.


Welcome aboard @kcspangler56. So glad to have you with us. You are already connecting. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless your goal to be a vehicle of hope. God-bless you and your journey.