(Kevin Bishop) #1

Say hello…

Where are you from? Manchester, Georgia

What led you to join Connect? I heard it advertised on one of the RZIM podcasts.

How do you hope to contribute? I am an associate pastor with undergraduate training in religion, communication, psychology, and sociology. I also just completed my masters degree in religion and pastoral counseling. I hope to be able to use my skills in those areas to contribute to the conversation. However, I am here to listen just as much, or more, than to speak.

(Sieglinde) #2

Welcome Kevin. Happy Easter🙏🏻

(Brittany Bowman) #3

Welcome to Connect, Keven, and happy Easter! :smiley: :tulip: I look forward to reading your thoughts on the threads, and I think your congregation will benefit from what you learn here. Perhaps some of them would enjoy joining, too!

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(Keldon Scott) #4

Welcome aboard @RevKev. Glad you have joined connect. So good to have another member with your training and experiences. God-bless your journey and your mission.