Kia ora from Michelle Englehardt

Kia ora everyone,
I live in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand, although I am originally from Auckland, NZ.
I joined Connect after I completed the Core Module in 2017/18. It took me a few goes as I worked full time as a Library Manager whilst studying.
I wanted to join Connect as I love Apologetics. I had not heard of this discipline for most of my Christian life and when I finally did start to learn about it, I was hooked. To me it has been the missing link in my confidence to share my faith.
I have recently joined the team at Thinking Matters, a New Zealand based apologetics ministry, as their Events Director, and I also write articles for our website and speak at some events - which as an introvert was something I never dreamed I would do!
I am not sure how I will contribute, but I will where I can. I love the RZIM heart, where people are more important than an argument. We are living in such precarious, anti-Christian times, but I am excited by all that the Lord will do through a lovingly but solidly equipped Church. Light always shines brightest in the darkness.

If there are other Kiwi’s here in Connect, please let me know!


Welcome back! I am also getting back after being away for several months.

It is interesting that you mention you are an introvert who finds themselves speaking in public. I have a similar wiring.

I think if you just spend time here it will become obvious how you can use your skills here.


Welcome @Michelle, your introduction is so inspiring.

I like how you phrased that. I felt the same way. I hope to read more from you as you engage here. Take care and enjoy browsing :pray:t3:


@Michelle Nice to meet you!

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Hello and welcome, looking forward to meaningful, intelligent discussions about our faith in Christ. WV USA here, thanks for the in depth intro. May the Lord shine upon your journey


Welcome aboard @Michelle. So glad you are back. I love apologetics too. I resonate with your commentary. It is so refreshing to have a response and understanding to lifes greatest questions and concerns. God-bless you and your journey. I look forward to reading your posts.