Kim Ashley

Hello! My name is Kim Ashley.

I am from Greensboro, NC.

I learned about Connect through email correspondence from the RZIM ministry.

I look forward to learning more and engaging in the discussions of topics and questions that are widely asked in today’s world and culture that can help me when talking to or witnessing to believers and unbelievers alike.


Hi @Kim_Ashley,

I am so glad you have joined into the community! I look forward to learning from you and your contributions to the discussions! Are there certain topics or questions that you are particularly interested in discussing?


Hello @Kim_Ashley, welcome to connect. I love NC, I was just there in May. A dear friend of mine lives in Cary NC. Thank you for introducing yourself to us. I trust you will find this a friendly and helpful environment to ask your questions. I have learned a good deal here and it has spurred me on to study deeper. I hope to see you around, engaging in the various topics, offering your insight as well :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, and welcome to Connect. :slight_smile: It is wonderful to hear of your heart to witness both to believers and unbelievers. Sometimes even the most long-term believers can have misconceptions or strongholds in their hearts. Look forward to learning more from you!


Welcome aboard @Kim_Ashley. Glad to have you connect. What topic do you think is asked most widely in today’s culture? May God answer your heart to lean more and engage here. Here is to staying connected.


Hi @Keldon_Scott! Thanks for the welcome. Some of the topics I have found to be asked or talked about a lot in conversations I’ve had are whether there is such a thing as absolute truth, the questions of identity and purpose of life, and gender & sexuality, just to name a few. I have unsaved family members and friends that struggle with these questions or topics and I’m very interested in hearing and learning more about how to dialogue and perhaps answer some of these as I either engage in conversation or share the gospel with others.


Hi @Brittany_Bowman1! Nice to meet you! I’m really looking forward to dialoguing with and learning from everyone, as I will soon be embarking on beginning a bible study at one of the local libraries here in my city. I am currently waiting to hear from the Lord as to what approach to bible study He wants me to do or if there’s a particular topic He wants me focus on. I’ve been in prayer and fasting for His direction, so once I get clarity on that then I will move forward. I believe that in becoming connected to the RZIM Connect community that it be a great help as I’m sure I will encounter many questions in this bible study.


What a wonderful idea to begin a Bible study at your library! How did you open the door with your library to do that? Also, you might enjoy the Jesus Among Secular Gods study material. I think at one point there was going to be a group study on the leader’s curriculum here, but I’m not certain on the timeline for that.


The idea came about one day as I was out witnessing in a neighborhood with my church and found out that many of the people could not get to a church because of Transportation or other reasons. So I thought what if we bring the word to them? It was in a lower income neighborhoodand there is a library that is right next to that community and I called them and asked do they allow for having Bible studies there. They told me yes they do as long as it was not a full-blown church service or that there was no money being collected and no worship going on. once I was told that I began to feel as if God wanted me to do something and move forward with it, however that initial call was about a year or two ago but has never left my mind and is heavy on my mind now. I don’t want to miss the open door that God has given and really feel like I need to act now before the grace and opportunity passes. The procrastination of course was due to my fears and many questions of whether I was the right person to do this or not. But because it has not left me and I feel the urgency more than ever, I know that I need to act soon.

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Great areas of inquiry. I pray that you will have discernment and holy-spirit driven words for your family. They will definitely be helped by you. I love asking skeptics whether they believe everyone has intrinsic worth. When they say “of course,” I have a one-word question for them: Why? It opens the door very simply to have dialogue and care conversations. My best to you. Stay connected . . .

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