Kingsley George Pouponeau

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Greetings in Jesus’ name.
I am from Seychelles :seychelles: a group of tropical islands in the SW Indian Ocean.
I like watching RZIM on DSTV then my pastor was teaching a group of us the basic wordviews and how to defend the Christian Faith.
Unfortunately I will not be able to contribute much but more to learn from you all. Most of the time I will ‘listen’ but sometime I ‘ask’ questions. I am more interested in Christian living & Christian and other worldview eg Islam & atheist at layman’s level

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I am so happy to know that RZIM has such global outreach. I have a good friend from your country here in Montreal. May God bless you!


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Welcome @Kingsley_Pouponneau, so thankful you are here :heart:

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Hey there @Kingsley_Pouponneau
Welcome to Connect…I agree…so neat the global community we have here! Looking forward to hearing from you. There’s much to glean from so many who share our faith around the world :slightly_smiling_face: Be blessed!

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