Kirk Diaz

Hi Everyone

I am from Trinjdad & Tobago, but residing in Houston Tx for the past 5 years?

I completed the Core Module in April 2016, but have been an avid fan of this ministry for a long time. I joined Connect a few months ago but did not introduce myself but have been observing from the side lines. Trust by being part of the Connect family I can continue to be a student of Apologetics and become more versed in the area so I can be ready for the conversations and answer the questioner.

Hope I can also to contribute where I can and also bring pertinent questions to the Connect family that can bring value to all of us.
Glad to be here and Blessings to all.


Well, here’s an official “Welcome to Connect!” :smile: I look forward to hearing more from you now that you have stepped from the sidelines. What diverse experiences- from Trinidad and Tobago to Houston now!


Hi Kirk! @reposition14
So glad you’ve joined. Thanks for introducing yourself!
Since the Core Module is finished for you, I’m sure you’ll see this as a great opportunity to continue the “conversation”.
I’ve loved being able to be a part of or just read some of the great thoughts and ideas in this community. I hope you’ll feel the same!
Be blessed :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @reposition14. Love having another academy alum joining. I hope that you enjoy the experience and camaraderie here. How’s Texas been? God-bless your journey.

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Hello @reposition14 thank you for introducing yourself and we’re glad you joined :slightly_smiling_face:
I trust you will feel comfortable engaging in the conversations here and I look forward to your thoughts.