Say hello…
Where are you from?
New Jersey
What led you to join Connect?
I wanted to view my RZIM Academy content again!
How do you hope to contribute?
Maybe finally meet the people I took the course with, I wasn’t very engaged with all the blogging and online conversation …


Hello Kirsten, welcome to connect. I am a native of Delaware but now in WV. Have met many great brothers and sisters in Christ. Also many useful threads to help us in our walk with Christ.
See you around the forum.


Welcome to Connect @Kirsten I am sure you will enjoy accessing the Core Module videos again. I rewatched them and learned as much the second time too.


Welcome aboard @Kirsten. Glad you are connecting with us from New Jersey. I hope you do get to connect with some of the people you took the course with. Congratulations on completing the core module. I hope you enjoyed the foundations it provided you and I hope you get an opportunity to share some of that with someone here or certainly somebody in your own daily walk. God-bless you and your journey.

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@Kirsten Nice to meet you!

Hi @Kirsten, welcome to connect. I trust you will find connect a friendly, safe environment to engage in and hopefully you will find some of those online classmates :pray: Enjoy browsing and feel free to offer your insight as you feel led :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Kirsten, welcome back! I hope that you will be able to go through all of the resources there are here and will help you and those around you.


Hi Kirsten!

That’s such a good idea to join in here to find your course mates and go over core material again. Enjoy :grinning: