Kourtney Harper


Eastern Washington Pacific North West!

Watching Ravi on YouTube and wanting to connect with like-minded brothers and sisters

I’m here to learn and contribute where I can as I grow in my walk and knowledge. I can encourage, edify, pray and give virtual high-fives!


A warm Welcome! @KPax
So glad to have you join us at the Connect family.
Ravi’s massages on YouTube has been a blessing to us all. And so you will also fine Connect to be so rewarding.

So excited to read what you hope to contribute to this community. You will be a great blessing to us all. Do fine time to explore and be free to join the conversations as you are moved.
Looking forward to learning more from you.
Grace and love
From Nigeria.


Welcome @KPax! Thank you for the introduction. We welcome those “virtual high-fives” :slightly_smiling_face: and we can certainly use encouragement, edification and prayer! It’s wonderful to have you here. Have a blessed day and enjoy browsing through this forum. Feel free to engage in the conversations :pray:t3:


Hi Kpax!
Welcome to the RZIM connect community! There are so many great subjects to choose from here. Plus, it is a place of accountability and fellowship. Glad to have you.



Welcome aboard @KPax. Thank you for coming alongside us and wanting to do life together. I’m also happy that you have an interest in apologetics. You will find so many good threads to review. And the members are very welcoming and willing to contribute ideas and thoughts to issues that are important to you. God-bless you and your journey.

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