Say hello…
Hello! My name is Kristin.
Where are you from?
I live in Cocoa, Florida
What led you to join Connect?
I have really been enjoying many of the RZIM podcasts and hope to take the Core Module in the RZIM Academy soon.
How do you hope to contribute?
Learning, absorbing, praying


Hello @kalvarado505
You are most welcome to connect. What a delight to have YOU and know that RZIM Podcast have been a blessing to you.

YES. RZIM Academy Core Module will really be a great blessing to you. Personally, I have taken both the core module and the Doctrine elective with both having a tremendous impact in my Life and Ministry. Do find the courage to enroll as well.

Be free to explore and engage the resources here. Don’t forget to always join the Conversation.
Grace and Love
From Nigeria


Welcome aboard @kalvarado505. I hope you get to take the core module. It is so foundational our faith walks. Is cocoa the same a cocoa beach or are they different? I own an apartment in Melbourne and a really good friend who needs Jesus lives in Cocoa Beach. You might have to help evangelize. :slight_smile: God-bless you and your journey.

Welcome @kalvarado505, is so nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face: You will really enjoy the Core Module. It is a great learning experience and you will learn a lot here as well. Enjoy browsing through the topics and feel free to engage :pray:t3:


Hello! Yes, Cocoa is the mainland equivalent to Cocoa Beach. We are about 15-20 minutes west of the beach.

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Welcome! I’m new too, lol! Is there chocolate from where you’re at? Can’t wait to connect with church fam from all over, see you around the posts!

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