Kudzo Seneadza


I am from Ghana

I have been a subscriber to the RZIM Digest but only now decided to join connect.

I hope to learn a lot from other Christians around the world. Hopefully, as I share my questions and engage with others, I can bring encouragement to someone.


Welcome Kudzo @Kudzo, glad you’re here. Hows the RZIM digest? Look forward to chatting with you.

God Bless You.


Thanks, Dan! Glad to be here too. I really enjoy the posts. They are relevant, engaging, and really educative.
God bless you too.


@Kudzo Nice to meet you!

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Hi Kudzo, it is great to welcome you to connect. How long have you been enjoying RZIM content? I trust you have enjoyed all that you have heard and been enriched and encouraged by it? Jump right in the community is a great blend of many from around the world with much to offer. Be safe and take care.


Hi Mr. Kudzo,

A warm welcome to connect and what a pleasure to meet you.

You have already brought encouragement simply saying hello and humbly bringing your insights and openness in our Lord.

~Sanah …

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Likewise, Jonathan.

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Thanks, Mike. Just checked and realised to my surprise that I have been receiving A Slice of Infinity since March, 2012! I have found every one of them that I did read very relevant, spiritually inspiring, and mentally stimulating! Thank you. Do take care too. Many blessings.

Thank you, Sanah! And thanks for your kind words. I feel very welcome already. :slight_smile:
Many blessings,