Kurt J Wayne

Hello, all.

I wish I’d known of this before we received the recent news about Dr. Ravi. However, even he would likely tell me “better late than never” with a smile.

I’ve been a listener of his since the very (for my family and I) heavy-hearted night of December 26, 2004. Since then, God has led me to found a specialized 501©(3) ministry for the nations of Angola, Brazil and Portugal, whose primary purpose is fighting pornography, prostitution, trafficking, addiction, abuse and the hypersexualized cultures which help feed those problems there. It’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to adequately convey my gratitude (and that of those I know who listen to him) to Dr. Ravi, but if I can make a positive contribution here, I’ll be glad to do the best I can.

I currently live in Nixa, Missouri, but the ministry is headquartered in Texarkana, Texas, both USA.

Until He returns,

Kurt J. Wayne


Hi @kurtjwayne, thank you for introducing yourself, welcome to connect. You have already made a positive contribution and I trust you will have more. Thank you for sharing your message for Ravi with us. Now that you have created your account here, if you want to post your message to Ravi, here is the link

Please do continue to engage here with us, offering any insight you may have :pray:t3:
Take care


Welcome aboard @kurtjwayne. Thank you for coming alongside us and to connect. Thank you for your ministry as well. Your tribute is very much appreciated and as you offered your involvement here and encouragement for members will be a continued tribute. I pray that your ministry remains strong and that you are encouraged with this forum. God-bless you and your journey.