Kyle Byron

Hi, I’m Kyle,

I’m from Colorado.

I, like many others have been inspired by the RZIM team, I have question I’m hoping to get answered, I am searching

I don’t know how someone like me could contribute but I’ll try


Welcome Kyle. I am glad that you are now part of our community :slightly_smiling_face: How did you hear about Connect? I’m sure you’ll find answers to some of your questions here. You can also ask Michael Suderman directly this week.


Welcome aboard @Kylo64. Ask away! Love Colorado. What major question would you ask if you could ask any question? I hope your time here is a blessing to you. God-bless your journey.


Welcome, Kyle! @Kylo64
So glad you’ve joined us.
I hope you’ll take the time to ask your questions…we have so many here desiring to help and encourage each other’s faith.
This is a unique community in that all are treated kindly and welcomed to express any doubts and uncertainties- that’s a big reason why we are here. We want you to feel sure of your faith, and know the truth the Bible holds.

Be blessed on your journey, Kyle :slight_smile:


Hello @Kylo64, welcome :blush: I hear Colorado is such a beautiful place. So glad you decided to join and ask your questions here. There are plenty of topics to choose from.