Larry Harrison

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Say hello…
Where are you from?
Indianapolis, Indiana
What led you to join Connect?
I’ve been listening to Ravi for years and reading his books. Although I may not get to watch every streaming event, I hope see some
How do you hope to contribute? I’m not totally sure, but maybe as a senior citizen i can add a viewpoint.

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Welcome to Connect, Larry! Hope your time here is blessed! From my perspective, I’ve learned that a viewpoint from a senior citizen is usually called “wisdom.” I look forward to reading what you share and being blessed by your wisdom.

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I became interested in apologetics many years ago listening to D.J. Kennedy on his radio show. I think it is vital that all kids understand that there are answers to many questions they have besides the answers, “Because the Bible says so.” Or, “Your just supposed to believe.”

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I stand in total agreement with you sir, regarding the vitality

The fact that you recognize the importance of treating “kids” questions from a sincere and respectful perspective, and taking the time to educate yourself speaks volumes of your character and heart sir.

May God bless your future conversations with all wisdom, knowledge, and love to witness effectively, and compassionately.

You have undoubtedly enriched the Connect community by your membership.

God bless you sir and welcome to Connect.