Law or Grace: pointing out the negative is not enough to bring about life, hope and change

I want to put forth an idea to get feedback. The scriptures talk about moses and the Law verses Jesus Christ and grace. the law being powerless to overcome sin and merely reflects our nature, condemns us, shows us the character of God, His perfection and our imperfections. The law is a schoolmaster bringing us to Christ. makes us cry out woe is me I’m undone.
Well here is my question or issue: In life, there are circumstances that are extremely negative and challenging. In life there are many things which I should NOT do. I am repeatedly seeing a theme these past months how powerless it is to point out the negative side and take. It merely exposes how difficult or wrong the human sinful nature is. It merely serves the purpose of exhorting us towards humility, repentance and begging God for grace, mercy, help, guidance, strength.
its not enough to point out the wrong. or to state what we should not do. I have a degree in secular psychology and have taken many Christian counseling courses and the main difference i found was that secular psychology was fantastic at labeling and describing what the problem is. As if that was enough to solve the problem. Christianity I found had more practical answers such as forgiveness, redefining love, doing things in faith instead of fear etc. real practical positive solutions. Am I articulating the point clear enough?
Example in previous different point about being careful not to be deceived. Yes we can describe how wicked and untrustworthy the human heart is but where does that leave us but condemned and hopeless if we stop there? yes its essential to take into consideration, but that is just the start. Correct? See the connection I’m making? I never know If I’m clear enough. Thank you for your consideration.


A current practical example of this point is this: I know that I am supposed to look to God to meet all of my needs. I am to desire Him ultimately. That’s my heart’s job.
My mind’s job is to believe, trust, hope, anticipate, expect God’s sufficient grace. I am to trust in God.
So here are two possible negative commands: Don’t desire other things more than God. Don’t think about anxieties, fears, or worldly sorrows and don’t hope in worldly comforts.
Its not enough to just have negative commands. That gives me no strength.
the positive commands which do give me strength are:
Humble myself: (God’s power is made perfect in weakness) beg God for His grace and continue to seek God’s grace more than anything and when He does give it I need to positively fan that spark of grace into a consuming fire through meditation, adding scriptures which support that living word towards me, I need to protect and nourish that seed of grace before Satan eats it or weeds choke it. I need to positively receive the grace of God NOT in vain but the opposite. etc etc



You have absolutely characterized the deep human struggle we all face everyday. You are so right in many points such as the law exposes the perfection we cannot attain. The law also gives moral prescription and guidelines to keep us bounded in the parameters of God’s design for living. And the law prescribes punishment for those who fell short in keeping it. That basically tells us that we all have sinned and fell short of the glory of God. And in the framework of fairness and justice, we are doomed for punishment. You are also on point that God in His grace sent His Son to bear the punishment we so deserve. All the positive things you have mentioned such as forgiveness, love and faith overflow from that sacrifice which redeemed us and bridged us to a relationship with the Father. As you are adept with psychology I am sure you have tons to share about people’s struggles in sin and brokenness and presenting Christ is the strength that helps us through it.

If I were to add a new perspective, I will not focus on sin or as what you have said, the negatives, or the do’s and don’ts, but be free to enjoy a relationship with God. As a young Christian I have struggled with depression, rebellion and doubt even while I have already accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. I probably came to a point that I have mechanized his sacrifice into a simple concept of me just asking for forgiveness for the sins I have committed. Since I deal with so many temptations, sin and breaking of God’s law, my prayer has become a cycle of enumarating my sins for the day and asking for forgiveness at the end of the night. On a good day, I probably will try my best to follow whatever I understood from my bible reading to compensate. I have forgotten that the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ is so he could restore us to a RELATIONSHIP with the Father. It is in this relationship that we have hope, life and a change. When we seek to know Him, His Spirit will lead us in the renewing of our minds. It is not so much as committing the least sin as much as possible or come to a better version of my sinful self but it is about our restoration of what God has originally intentioned us to be in from Creation. I had a long journey of discovering what God has designed me to be in my identity, in His Image and now in the process of becoming what He called me to become. Our life now as a Christian is a continious process of knowing God and be known by Him, in intimate relationship and fellowship. This tells me that living is not the ommission of sin but rather asking God to help me through sin, trials and temptations. It is through the struggles and pain that I have seen how God is trust worthy and got to know Him more in His nature and character. SuneXei, I truly agree with You that to do this, we must come before Him in humility, keep deepning our relationship and understanding of Him through prayer, scriptures and nourish the seed in our hearts.


Great input. I find tremendous success overcoming sin anxiety sadness fears and condemnation by focusing on who God is and deliberately not looking at anything me or my history or my ability etc. Nothing me brings stength but focus on God. Thats only possible in the context of believing i am not the source and God doesnt expect me to be the source. God Sun. Me. Moon. The moment i focus on me i fail. Im not responsible for my needs being me. Not of them. Im only responsible for looking to God for my cup to be filled. This is an extremely mature attitude and understanding that’s foolishness to the world

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