Learning to Walk in Honesty

Today on Take Five, RZIM France Director Raphael Anzenberger unpacks how honesty, radical honesty, about our sin can help us to grow in spiritual maturity and live in the love of Christ, rather than in fear.

God knew that we could never compensate for our sins, no matter how many ‘Jesus points’ we could earn in one’s life, so He substituted himself to our sins, and He suffered physical death, but He was raised to life in the spirit so that full forgiveness of for our past, new life for today, and firm hope for tomorrow could be ours in Him.

Ronald Rolheiser once wrote: “Spiritual maturity is radically predicated on honesty. This does not mean that we will always hit the moral mark, that we will not sin and betray, but it does mean that we must admit those moral failures precisely as failures, that we need to sin honestly…we are as healthy as we are honest.”

Make it Personal

  • Why is it so easy to fall into trying to earn ‘Jesus points’ rather than being honest before God about our failings?

  • How do you see radical honesty about your sin helping you to grow in spiritual maturity? Or do you?

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