Lena Wall

Dear RZIM Friends,

This post is just to introduce myself to this forum. I am new to RZIM Academy and am just learning how it all works. I recently signed up for a short course offered online and was not able to complete all the sessions, but because I have been incredibly blessed by the lectures offered so far, I am excited for the opportunity to continue these.

I am a registered nurse living and working in Central Alberta, Canada. It is my desire to use my current life profession as a way to connect people from all walks of life with the Jesus that makes life worth living and death worth dying.

Thank you and I look forward to future engagements. I deeply respect and appreciate what RZIM stands for and hope to become more grounded in the deep things of God.



Welcome @lenawall, and thank you for your heartfelt, inspiring introduction :heart: You always hear about a life worth living but not much about a death worth dying. I really like the way you phrased that, so true :pray:t3::latin_cross: I trust you will be a blessing as you engage here in connect and I am sure you will be blessed as well. Take care and enjoy browsing


Hello Lena and a warm welcome to you :slightly_smiling_face:. Certainly the courses through the Academy are a great way to grow in faith and learn with a variety of people from all walks of life. I have found them a great way of just giving my faith even more solid grounding :slightly_smiling_face:. Are there any topics from your course you found most interesting? How is your nursing work going in a time of Cornovirus?



Lena, your name for me and your heart speaks. “the Lord gives and the Lord takes blessed be His name”
My sister Lena with the Lord today gave me you and her heart He is faithful. Thank you for sharing here with us, and thanks for your work in health care. Be blessed and be safe out there.


Welcome aboard @lenawall. It is good to have you with us. Must be pretty scary in the health care industry right now. I wish you the best and pray for your safety. I hope you enjoy. God-bless you and your journey.

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