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Hi, my name is Leny. I’m from the Philippines.

I’ve just read Sir Ravi’s article on Easter Sunday a while ago. I still want to share it on Facebook but I think it’s already late to post it because Easter Sunday has passed for almost a week now. But I really want the social media people to read and understand the hope that comes from Jesus Christ alone written by Sir Ravi’s from his hospital bed. I’ve just known about him recently and I’ve just started watching some of his videos during this lockdown period but honestly, I really am saddened that he is afflicted with cancer. But you know what, just last Sunday, yes on Easter Sunday(Ressurection Day Celebration) , I also posted on my FB Account some of his important statements that caught my attention from an uploaded video by Grace Undefined, my very first post quoted from Sir Ravi’s. . I wasn’t also feeling well that day. I watched the video, I think Holy Saturday afternoon , and after our family Worship Service at home, I posted on FB Sir Ravi’s apologetics statement I’ve done thru Powerpoint.:slight_smile:

Before Easter Sunday, I also happened to watch a short video interview on Sir Ravi about his health condition. I wasn’t able to rewatch the video because my youngest child keeps running around me . I included him in my prayers . And I will still pray for him. He is a great blessing to humanity:-). He is the most brilliant speaker I’ve ever heard. He is a servant by heart , a very humble man.
May our Lord Jesus’ radiating power exterminate totally that sarcoma cancer from Sir Ravi’s back or body. May his healing come quickly and may his body and health be restored like that of a child and become strong and will return to the days of his youthful vigor(Job 33:25) May God continue to use Sir Ravi Zacharias in the ministry He entrusted him and many people will be enlightened and surrender their lives to Jesus especially the atheists.

May God richly bless RZIM.

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@Leny_Abawan Nice to meet you!

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Hi Leny, welcome to connect my friend it is great to meet you. If i may say the Easter season when new life abounds is still in full swing and Pentecost has not arrived yet so I think you still have time to post that video. Many need an encouraging word especially now in our current Covid climate. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

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Welcome to Connect!

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Welcome aboard @Leny_Abawan. So glad to have you joining from the Philippines. It is also good that you that you ran across the podcasts. I saw your Facebook posts re powerpoints, and I love the comment you put out there that God gives you the power and you try to make the point. I hope you engage in many discussions here. The members are very kind and really want to help answer or provide good responses to the big questions that we all have. God-bless you and your journey.

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Thank you Sir Kel. I would love to. Still familiarizing myself with RZIM Connect:-) God bless

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So can I post question here? or at the top right side where there are categories indicated?:slight_smile: Thanks

I already posted my question on the Bible Questions topic :slight_smile: