Leopold Pompilus

Greetings to everyone,

My name is Leopold Pompilus. I was born in Haiti but I have been living in Canada over the last three decades. I live with my wife and our two children. Some of my siblings and close relatives also live here in Laval, Quebec. My other siblings and relatives live mostly live south of the border, and does my wife’s entire family.

I am a high school teacher by trade. Over the last decade, I have developed a better understanding of the Lord, thanks in part to the RZIM podcasts “Let My People Think”, and the RZIM Academy. Prior to that, I had serious issues with the idea of going to church. I thought I could still follow Jesus Christ without having to go to church, which I considered a wicked place. However, my harchest words were against the church pastors. I thought that the lifestyles of a lot of them did more harm than good (I still have urges and feelings of distrust toward a few church leaders). I vowed to never set foot in a church for the rest of my life.

My problem was solved when I foung myself in front of Jesus Christ in a vision. He asked me a simple question: “Why are you doing that to me?” I quickly understood what He meant but I could not provide a coherent answer. Instead, I replied that I was trying to find a meaning to my life. After starring at me intensely, He ordered the trooper (?) to “send him up!”

I woke up in shock and dread, thinking that I was going to die soon enough. In fact, I thought I died already. I went to see the last church-goer I disparaged a few days earlier, and I offered my sincere apologies. Then, I found my way to church a few Sundays later. I have been going to church for the last decade. I know the Lord personality and I saw him twice. I just need to know enough about Him so I can live better and share His words with whomever is willing to listen.

Thank you.


Hi @Leopold_Pompilus. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony of making your way back in to Church fellowship. I appreciate your honesty and look forward to your thoughts and insight to some of the topics here.


Hi there @Leopold_Pompilus!

I’ve been to the Dominican Republic a couple of times, and just love the people there…I realize Haiti is different, but similar in some ways I’d think.
Have you been back since living in Canada all of these years?

So glad you’ve joined us! Your story of how you came back to church, and making that a part of your life again is inspiring.
So neat to hear the way God pursues us, and finds us where we are.
Looking forward to hearing your take on things!

Be blessed :slight_smile:


Hello Heidi,

Thank you for your kind words. I think you have managed to capture the essence of the relationship between these two countries: similar yet different. Although tourists in the Dominican Republic sometimes go on excursion in some specific areas in Haiti without being informed. I guess it is part of the agreement between these countries.

I make sure to visit my parents, who are living there, every 3 years. They were Canadian residents but they refused to come back to Canada a while ago because they just don’t want to die here. Prior to that, I didn’t feel the need to do so on a regular basis.

Take care!



Good evening Sig,

Just a few words to let you know that I appreciate your feedback. I hope we will have another opportunity to interact on this platform. God bless you!


Hello Leopold, welcome here :+1:t3: Thank you very much for your detailed introduction and for sharing your experiences with us. It is encouraging to read about your way with Jesus. God’s blessing for you and your family and for your work with the pupils.


Thank you Dan!