Leslie Miller

Hello, my name is Leslie and I am from Baltimore, MD. I have been listening to the RZIM podcasts and wanted to get connected with others who desire thoughtful conversations about Christianity. I committed to Christ rather late in life (50s) and since the Lord has really placed a strong desire in me to read and understand the bible. I’m excited to dive into the conversation with you.


Hello @lesliegmiller and welcome to the connect! We’re blessed to have you jump on board with us! Feel free to contribute in any conversation or even start your own thread as you feel led :smiley:

God bless you on this journey!


Welcome to RZIM Connect @lesliegmiller


Welcome aboard @lesliegmiller. So glad that you are diving in head first. You came to the right place. I hope you enjoy the discussions and that those discussions edify your faith. Please feel free to ask questions or search for topics that interest you or that you have questions about. God-bless you and your journey.

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