Good morning and blessings to all! So happy to be here!

I am from Dayton, Ohio, now living in Georgia.

I truly enjoy listening and learning from Ravi Zacharias.

I hope to contribute via life experience and continuing to learn and grow, be encouraged.


Welcome Leslie, Good to have you on board.


Welcome to Connect, Leslie! It is great to have you join us, and I look forward to learning more from your life experience. :slight_smile:


Hi Leslie! We’re glad that you’ve joined us. Connect is a great place to encourage others and be encouraged :slight_smile: Dive into the forums and I look forward to reading your contributions!


Hi Leslie!
Welcome here! :slight_smile:


Hello @Leslie welcome to connect! My sister lived in Dayton for many years. I loved visiting in the summer because of the low humidity. How are you fairing with this humid, hot weather here in GA? I too enjoy listening to Ravi. I listened to him so much in the beginning that when my husband came home from work he would say “hey honey and HELLO RAVI!!!” Ha ha! Good to have you here :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome aboard @Leslie. From Michigan to Georgia we are glad you were here. Love to hear some of your life experiences that can help those who connect here. What would you say is the most impactful life experience you’ve had that has played a role in how you help others now? God-bless you and your journey.


haha so funny, Sig! @sig :smile:


Hi Leslie! @Leslie
Welcome to Connect - so glad you’ve joined :slight_smile:
I grew up outside of Cincinnati. OH holds a special place in my heart.
I hope you enjoy the forums and great conversations going on!


Thanks Kel for the welcome! My apologies for the lateness in my response. I would have to say that one the most impactful life experiences that I have had, is the passing of my parents. I come from a rather large family where I am #7 of 8 children, to parents who were married for 60 years. I believe I know where my mother is and I cannot wait to see her on the other shore. I am not quite sure about my dad. This has been somewhat of a struggle, but I am hoping and praying that I get to see them both, when I get there. The impact on my life is that since their departure, there has been a rather large split within the family, that I always believed would be together, because no matter what happened, we backed each other up. However, as we grew older and had our own families, we seemed to drift apart as life happens, families grow, separation begins. You see, my mother was the glue to keeping us in the Lords house, with her faith. But even after a little while, my mother faded and we all stopped going. Both my parents would take us on Sunday morning and evening, Wednesday night, Thursday night, we would be there. The crack was that we didn’t live the life at home. Dad was an alcoholic/recovered/choir member/bus driver (church)/ department head/womanizer. My dad was a human being that had many faults that ultimately lead to separation from the church. I thank God for the foundation that was laid in my life, that I was able to return and believe that He continues to call me, drawing me close. He has been so much of a Savior in my life, and I am truly grateful to Him for everything! I am still here because of Him and only Him! My prayers continue to be for my siblings, that I see only continue to walk in the ways of the world. No God, or mention, and an uneasy awkwardness when speaking of God with any of them. You can literally hear their eyes rolling in their heads. Some have children in the LGBT community, one has become an athiest and believes you just die and that’s the end, and others. Breaks my heart that we were all raised with the same opportunities of getting to know Jesus, we all prayed the sinners prayer and were baptised in the faith. Just very unsettling. Since my parents have passed, the split, the separation, has become a major crack dividing the family in many areas, to the point of not even speaking. In the past, I remember reaching out to my siblings reminding them of God, only to be shut down. I remember when Jesus said that He couldn’t do anything in His home town. I am just praying that God will draw them to Himself and remind them that He is Lord of all. And that He loves them greatly. I hang on to the hope that God has never let me down, and He always reminds me that He is in control. I love my siblings and their families dearly, and I’m trusting in Him. Hope this doesn’t sound like rambling (haha). God bless!

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Boy when you referenced life experiences you were not kidding. My heart goes to you and the trials you have endured. I pray that you will be able see the fruits of the awesome choices you have made. Be that sibling who challenges with soft, gracious invites, lunches, Christmas cards, emails all of which have Gods word with them. The holy spirit will go before you and be there when these are read or experienced. You get to participate with a grander plan, so no worries with their response. Just spread your love for them. You will be blessed no matter what their response. Your parents were truly a blessing to you as well I am sure notwithstanding some perhaps tough choices made like you indicate with your dad. Use the spirit they exhibited when things were the best. I hope you are able to be such an example to others here and in your path to be the light and salt in their lives. Bless you. Sleep well.