Let us worship

I was interested in this movement where Sean Feucht is having large crowds in various cites gather to worship. It’s neat that so many people want to gather to worship during this pandemic but when I looked into the Bethel Church where he comes from, I found some disturbing beliefs and practices like thinking Jesus isn’t God, grave sucking, and the word of faith. So is he spreading false doctrine?


Hi @Betsey, worship during these troubling times is powerful! I do think Sean Feucht is attempting to make a difference in our world, but like you, I am very concerned about his association with Bethel Church in Redding, CA.

Bethel has a track record of embracing and promoting some very disturbing teachings, as you have mentioned. I am concerned, and heartbroken, that many within the movement deny the deity of Christ during His sojourn on earth. If Jesus laid aside His deity when He came as a man, then we are still in our sins, for only a sinless sacrifice was sufficient to procure our salvation. All men born with Adam’s sin nature fall short in qualifying to pay the debt that was owed. Only the sinless Son of God is able to bear that debt.

Here are some links to several threads you may find helpful in regard to “kenosis”, and some of the other teachings emerging from Bethel:




Blessings as you continue to seek the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!


Hi @Betsey you’ve asked a very good question and one that is important.

It’s great that they are trying to put worship of God central and make it conspicuous in these cities he is visiting. However, as you say, with the great worship music comes some strings attached that might not be noticed by everyone.

To be fair, I think people from this church would on the whole profess that Jesus is God. However, Bill Johnson has been known to teach that Jesus gave up his divinity for the time he was on earth. I believe this comes up in his book, ‘When Heaven invades Earth’. @clark.belle has answered you well and included a very informative thread to a discussion on Kenosis, the heresy that states Jesus left his divinity behind. Very worth a read.

Bill Johnson has also taught that Jesus was born again. This must mean he was a sinner first in order to be born again as a righteous man. From my understanding of Romans 5:12-21 that nullifies his sacrifice on the cross.

The theologian Andrew Wilson looks at ten examples of very disturbing teaching that comes out of Bethel. He is very gracious though, and also acknowledges ten good things that comes out of that church. I feel that perhaps he hasn’t addressed the wider ramifications of these aberrant teachings, but if you want a look at something that attempts to offer a fair critique, this might be a good place to start. He also gives a link to the video where Bill Johnson teaches that Jesus was born again.

His conclusion is alarming though:

Putting the point sharply, there are worrying correspondences here with several of the biggest heresies the Church faced in the first few centuries, including Gnosticism, Marcionism, Arianism and Pelagianism.