I’m from Durban, South Africa. I joined to learn more about Gods Word where there may be some confusion, as well as gain a Biblical understanding of Modern problems. I am a Bible Scholar and May be able to contribute to some discussions as well


Welcome Leticia! It is so good to meet you and have you join us on Conect! It is always good to have people with a knowledge of the Bible to be part of the discussions. I am sure you will enjoy the interaction here and look forward to reading your posts. And I hope you are blessed by spending time on Connect. :blush:


Hi! Welcome! I’m new too!!!

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@Leticia Nice to meet you!

Welcome Laticia to the family of connect, your inspiration to join will be beneficial to all. It’s a polite, friendly, helpful forum where encouragement, pray, and love are found.


Welcome aboard @Leticia. Love having Bible scholars joining our ranks. Please do help. This is a site where iron sharpens iron with grace and care. Please ask questions when needed but also share your scholarship with us. You will bless many. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hi @Leticia, it’s nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face: I trust you will be a blessing here as you share your insight in the conversations. I look forward to reading some of your responses :pray:t3:

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