Levi Lowrey

Hello all from Dacula, GA.
I was invited to Connect after completing a course at RZIM academy. I also, have another upcoming course beginning in February of 2020.
I am honored to join in conversation and pray for any needs that may arise.



Welcome to Connect, Levi @levilowrey. The courses at the RZIM academy are really first class. I took the Core Module last year and keep looking at the material. Which course did you take? Here at Connect you can talk to people from all over the world about faith topics. There is also a category for prayer requests:

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Thanks for the reply and the link.
I took the core module and absolutely loved it.
I am enrolled for the, “Why Suffering?” course in February.

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Welcome, Levi @levilowrey! So glad the Academy was valuable enough to pull you in for another round:) Delighted to have you here and looking forward to your voice chiming in these conversations as you employ your insights from the Academy and your own experience to enrich this community. Thanks for coming in with a posture of service and prayer. Welcome to Connect!


Welcome @levilowrey, we are glad to have you. Congratulations on completing the the course! Engage here when you can, offering your thoughts and insight :pray:t3:

Hello from Atlanta! Which course are you taking in February?

Dear Levi
you are so very welcome to this forum. Great to have you with us.
God bless