Lexter Martin

Hello Everyone,

I am from Bangalore.

I have completed the Core Module & hope to connect with alumni to encourage & be encouraged.

Share my experiences & learn from the discussions & forums.


Hi @lexter.martin, really great to have you here! Did you enjoy the Core Module?



hello Alison,
Thank you for your welcome.
Yes, i did really enjoy the Core Module. I got to learn so much. I intend to review them once more soon.
Its great to be here & be part of this community.

Thank you again!


Welcome on board @lexter.martin. So glad to have you joining us here at connect. Congratulations on the completion of the core module. With that background you have unique and very foundation of the important information to be able to share as I am sure you are aware. Please do participate is frequently as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.


Thank you Keldon! Appreciate the welcome. Yes, I do look forward to getting to know all you of you & being a part of this. God bless you too!


Hi Lexter @lexter.martin it is so good to have you join us from the academy. I hope you had a great and inspiring session? If you can please do join the conversation.



Hi @lexter.martin, welcome! Congratulations on completing the core module. What was your most profound lesson? Encouragement is always a plus so feel free to engage here, sharing your insight :slightly_smiling_face:


@lexter.martin Nice to meet you!

Thank you Sieglinde. I think i enjoyed the lesson on Worldviews the most & Ravi’s 3-4-5 Grid was another one that made me think quite a bit.
What about you? Which was the lesson that you liked the best?
Also have you done any further courses after that?


Thank you Jonathan. It is nice to meet you too :slight_smile:

I learned so much but I think I liked the interview best. I have purchased some of the premium content here, like Understanding Islam but I’ve not taken any further courses. I want to look into “Engaging the Modern World.” I think that is the title.

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Oh nice to hear about the premium content. How good is that when you compare with the courses, would you know?
I was looking at " Faith Seeking Understanding" as a follow up course. What do you say?