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Hey all!

So, in a nutshell my testimony is the following: I was born basically a Christian. My parents met the lord when I was just 3 years old. Since then I´ve been congregating at my local church “Iglesia Alianza Cristiana y Misionera el Batan”. I think i´ve always been the average “good guy”, but it wasn’t until I was 15 that I meet the lord and started to serve him. Just a couple months before I received him in my heart as my savior and I started to serve at the missions ministry at my local church. I´ve been there for the last 10 years and I´ve learned a lot of things with the lord. I learned to serve him by teaching others, by traveling 3 or 4 hours just to meet with indigenous people and teach them the gospel, by visiting prisons and hospitals etc.

But, when I turned 22 something happened. During my masters degree I started to think about other stuff. I think that when you enter to a formal study like a masters degree you start to like things like knowledge and good jobs and all those things. So, I decided that I wanted to focus on that. Meanwhile, I still attended to my local church but things where not the same. I started to doubt about my faith and I began to ask to myself " I know that God exists but how can I prove it? I know that abortion, homosexuality, transgender are wrong, but why? I know that we do not come form apes, but is there really evidence for that? So, as a good engineer I started to investigate. If I was going to criticize my own faith, I had to had strong arguments. And I think God was good to me, I found Ravi´s works and teachings, I found Dr. Craigs materials, Dr. Frank Turek, Alvin Plantinga etc. And I was so amazed to find a logical God, a knowable God, a God that love us and wants us to meet him. So, I really felt a burden in my heart to share this, and I did this. I started to share this with my youth study group. I also started to study, I did the “Core Module” at RZIM and I just really knew that God was calling me to apologetics. And since then I´ve been involed in this. I also loved the opportunity to serve at RZIM, I think that I´ve learned very helpfull tools here to share the gospel. And I also feel encouraged to read to others peoples questions and answers, God has a lot of sons and daughters!.

So, as I said in a nutshell this is my testimony. Currently I am still serving in my local church and I definitively will be working to share with my church the things that I´ve learned during this last year.

God Bless!


Hello Juan, thank you for sharing this great word of Gods redemptive work in you. It is always great to read about a life transformed by the Gospel. May you enjoy the many blessings as you travel the road less traveled by the world.


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God Bless!


Juan, what a blessing that when you started to question the things you’ve already believed you found the answers you were looking for! I think that one thing that really hurts professing Christians is the lack of knowing or even asking “why” and so not even looking for the answers and it is sad that they sometimes fall away because of their doubts. I was one that never questioned what I believed but when I accidentally came across RZIM and heard the many questions that people ask my mind was opened and that got me to thinking much more about why I believe what I do. Thank you for sharing your experience! I know it will help you to be a much more effective witness for Christ and a helper to others who struggle with questions. :blush:

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