Liga- New to RZIM Connect

I’m Liga from Latvia, Europe.

I have a question that I didn’t find an answer, so I knew about and specifically tried to get answers on the homepage and saw an ad about Connect.

I hope dive more deeply in the Bible, get answers about women’s worth.


Hey @liga, you’ve come to the right place!!

Feel free to ask your question in #bible-questions and I look forward to communicating more with you! We’re glad you’re here!


Hello Liga, welcome :wave: Great that you joined.
To ask questions about the bible and faith, you’ve come to the right place (as @CharityLinzey said so well). In the different forums you find many discussions on different topics.
Here are two that might interest you:

I can also recommend this podcast to you:

Among other things, it deals with the value of women and men. Jo Vitale @Jo_Vitale says:

what I love about Jesus is he doesn’t have a single interaction with any women in the gospels where he’s actually not breaking one cultural taboo or another, or overcoming some kind of stereotype that people had about women during that day to completely turn it on its head, and honor women, and value women. Far from looking at Jesus and thinking, “Oh, this is someone I can’t relate to you,” when I look at him, I think, “Gosh, that is exactly the kind of man I want to spend time with, and that is exactly the kind of God that I want to worship.”

Hope this helps you :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to RZIM Connect @liga


Welcome to connect @liga. We are glad you are here. Know that we hope to help on this issue as @iDan has already done. Your worth and every persons worth is extraordinarily important to us. I hope you discover responses that satisfy. You are here for a reason. God-bless you and your journey.