Light on the Front Porch Series: Evangelism in the 21st Century

Hi friends,

As we continue to encourage bold yet respectful evangelism in RZIM Connect, I hope these four talks might encourage you. They were shared at a series called Light on the Front Porch over the course of four evenings at my home church’s women’s ministry.

I would love to hear your thoughts and reflections on this material!

The talks can be found here:

The handouts are below:

Week 1:

TFT Week 1 Questions.docx (15.0 KB)

Week 2:

TFT Week 2 Questions.docx (18.0 KB)

Week 3:

TFT Week 3 Questions.docx (17.8 KB)

Week 4:

TFT Week 4 Questions.docx (18.0 KB)

TFT Takehome.docx (13.1 KB)