Lilly Guth

Hello from the Twin Cities, Minnesota USA! I am excited to be here! I completed the RZIM Core Module this summer and enjoyed it so much! I’m glad to be able to participate in the GAC! I love learning and listening to apologetics!


Ha! I have wonderful inlaws in the Twin Cities area! So good to meet you on Connect! May you have many wonderful conversations here!


That is great! Good to meet you as well!


Welcome to the RZIM Community @lillianguth!

Nice to meet you! What was one of the main things you learned from the module? It is a blessing you were able to take it! Looking forward to your participation here👍

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Hi @ChristinaLinzey! Thanks so much for your welcome! Oh wow, to sum it up is so hard as I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course! I would say one of the main things I took away and am grateful for is it helped me learn practically more how to have genuine conversations with non Christians. The interview projects we had to do with 2 other people of different worldviews were challenging to me but also such a great learning experience in how to have relationships with others and ask meaningful questions. Thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

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That is wonderful @lillianguth! And I am sure this community will be a great way for you to apply some of the wisdom you gained in the Core Module, as you seek to engage in conversation. Looking forward to it👍