Lily Kyalo

Hello my name is Lily Kyalo I am 22 years old

I am from Nairobi Kenya

I have been looking into RZIM since 5 months ago and I got to find out about RZIM connect today, and yes I am looking for a community where I can learn and grow as a young Christian

I hope to participate by asking questions especially from the Bible and hopefully to encourage someone :white_heart:


Welcome aboard @Lily3. Thank you for being here. We are glad that you have joined. I believe this is a great forum for you to participate. Please ask questions at we’ll. Thank you for your willingness to encourage other members. Feel free to do so as you see new members joining or see somebody a struggling with an issue. God-bless you and your journey.


Thank you so much, God bless you

Welcome to RZIM Connect! @Lily3


You are welcome dear

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Welcome to RZIM Connect @Lily3!

I have a feeling you have found the place you were looking for😄 May the Lord bless you on your journey as you seek to deepen in the richness of the knowledge of our God and His Word. (Romans 11:33-36) It is an exciting journey for sure.

Glad to have you and feel free to jump in on any already existing thread or start your own with thoughts and questions you may have.
Philippians 1:9-11


Thank you so much I am grateful :heart:@ChristinaLinzey


Hello Lily,

It is great to have you on the RZIM Connect. I’m 25 and have been following the RZIM ministry since my first year in college, I’m in my masters program now. I enjoy discussing the Bible and growing in my faith as well. I hope you are doing well and stay safe.



Aaaw @emmccray thank you soo much for your warm welcome, I also enjoy discussing the Bible… Nice to meet you stay safe as well Jesus loves you :heart::heart::heart: