Linda Dagher

Hello everyone,
A 16 year old girl interested in Arabic Literature, music,connecting with other christians, and most importantly strengthening a relationship with Jesus is an overview of who i am !
I am raised in a christian and loving home of 3 in Beirut Lebanon and i currently a junior in highscholl.
I have come to know the Lord at a personal relational level when i was around 15; since then i have faced ups and downs, yet the support and help that i have recieved from God’s word and from fellow christians is what kept me going.
It truly feels like i can’t contribute much in that forum; however i believe that by His immeasurable grace, He reaches down and works through vulnerable,inexperienced,and helpless people like me
I am sure that the Christian worldwide community that RZIM Connect provides will be of great help for me!
Many Blessings,
Linda Dagher


Hello you are quite welcome here at connect. I am proud of you, it takes faith and courage to live for Christ at your location and age with so many outside influences. As far as what you can contribute I feel you just did great. I look forward to a fresh perspective and insight as you grow in the Love of the Lord. Be blessed


Wow, Linda, what a great contribution :+1: I’m very fascinated by your deep and meaningful introduction and that as a 16 year old you put a clear priority on your relationship with Jesus. What a blessing it is to grow up in a loving Christian home. Great that you want to live with Jesus and deepen your relationship with him. You’ve come to the right place here at Connect. A great opportunity to ask and share your point of view. Welcome to Connect! :smiley:


Thank you all for your sweet and encouraging welcomes😀

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Welcome aboard @linda.1.dagher. You are so right. You have so much to offer. You have been blessed beyond measure. And, I can sense your enthusiasm and encouragement for members here as well as other youth such as yourself. You have a lot to offer. You will have a lifetime of sharing the message of hope and eternal life with those around you. Glad you have connected with us. And look forward to reading your encouraging posts. God-bless you and your journey.


Oh @linda.1.dagher, you just don’t know how much you have already contributed. Your introduction was beautiful and we are immeasurably blessed by it :heart: Welcome sweetheart, we are so thankful to have you here :pray:t3: You are an inspiration and I trust you will touch many lives by sharing with others what you have shared with us!


Hi Linda! Welcome to RZIM connect. It’s so good to meet a young person like you here. Your hunger to learn from others will help you grow in your faith and journey with Christ.
God bless you.


Hello Linda. This is fabulous!
I am incredibly impressed and humbled that at age 16 you have made such an important choice. Well done and I pray the good Lord continues to order your steps. God bless you!!