Lisa Craddock

Lisa Craddock .

Where are you from? Hopkinsville, Kentucky

What led you to join Connect? I learned about Connect from the Short Course. I have enjoyed reading and listening to Ravi for last few years. He explains God’s truth so well. I don’t always hear the depth of truth I’d like to hear in local church, which is now my home
due to the Coronavirus. I am a shy person and sometimes the profound teachers at RZIM seem to be way over my head. But listening over and over I get it. I am humbled
By the introductions here from all over the world. I want to be bolder in my sharing of The Gospel and God’s Truth

How do you hope to contribute?


@lizajane01 Nice to meet you!

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I am new to all of this too, Lisa. I appreciate what you said about the teaching sometimes being over your head, but listening over and over you are humbled; I feel the same way.
Welcome and trusting in being blessed here,


Thanks Grace

Hello Lisa, it’s your neighbor in WV, welcome to the friendly exciting world of RZIM connect. So glad you joined, your are more than someone to share with we are one big worldwide family of brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s grow in faith and truth together, may you enjoy your time, and rest in Him.


Thanks Mike, We are neighbors. I had no idea RZIM had so many resources to offer. It’s very exciting

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Welcome aboard @lizajane01. Very glad that you decided to join us from Kentucky. I am also glad that you have engaged as I think this forum will be very good. The discussions are in depth but at the same time are very kind and inclusive. Enjoy the forum. God-bless you and your journey.