Livestream: Am I Just My Brain? with Dr. Sharon Dirckx

Am I Just My Brain? with Dr. Sharon Dirckx Livestream:

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Event Overview

On September 10, the Zacharias Institute will host the event “Am I Just My Brain?” as part of its #TrendingQuestions series.

What exactly are human beings? Are we advanced primates? Are we souls confined to a body? Are we just our brains? Or is there more to it? Human identity is a key matter of discussion today and is relevant to topics ranging from how we care for the elderly to how we respond to developments in artificial intelligence. Former brain imaging scientist Dr. Sharon Dirckx will show how the nature of human consciousness is key to this conversation and will discuss how neuroscience, philosophy, and medicine point to the reality that we are far more than simply our brains.

Date and Time:

7:30-9:30pm EST
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Additional Information:

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