Livestream: How Can I Know My Gender? An Evening with Sam Allberry - Friday, February 15th

(LaTricia J.) #25

This last question is a really good question about being welcoming TG without modifying and changing our beliefs when we welcome them into church. Even when we meet them out on the street.

(Lindsay Brandt) #26

“Yes, @psalm151ls, it does make sense. I’m sitting here thinking of some of the transgenders I know personally and in general, some of the ways that people think. There’s this philosophical pov about the mind, soul, and spirit - the understanding being that it’s all neutral, disembodied, and the physical world and body is whatever a person wants to make it out to be because the mind, soul, and spirit are better than and not necessarily tied to the physical. The physical will fade away, and in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter. That is juxtaposed to what Sam has spoken about in regards to the Christian worldview in regards to the the integral connection between mind, soul, spirit, and body - God made it a unit, not just disembodied parts that are pulled together arbitrarily.”

Yes, agreed. I have not extensively studied Eastern religions (such as Buddhism), but the thinking you are talking about almost sounds like something that has philosophies from those mixed in. The only reason I bring that up is because I don’t think we are dealing with something new or original. These thoughts, concepts, etc have existed/exist–simply under different labels. That enables us to study these philosophies to be able to better understand so that we can better respond to people presenting us with those concepts/philosophies.

(LaTricia J.) #27
  • Real gospel truth will make us soft hearted and gracious (my paraphrase).
  • It will make us very approachable and safe people
  • We can share the same patience, tenderness, and graciousness to others that has been shown to us through Christ

(LaTricia J.) #28

Yes, there is a mixture of Eastern philosophies and post-modernism all mixed in this type of reason, I believe. There’s nothing new under the sun, so it definitely isn’t anything new. But there is a great deal mixed in how people think in this day in age.

(Lindsay Brandt) #29

In reference to being gracious and caring, I think that Sam nailed it when he brought up people needing to really be willing to listen to understand (putting it in my own words). When we do that, we are able to make the person feel valued and accepted even if they are aware we don’t agree with them. Many times, Christians are too eager to slap a “spiritual truth bandage” on it. We are trying to “fix it.” If we can stop trying to be God long enough to sit and listen, knowing that we too are broken and unable to fix anything, I think that compassion will be communicated and the other person just might feel related to and understood.

(Lindsay Brandt) #30

In that regard, I truly believe the Holy Spirit uses us to till and prepare the soil of their hearts for the receiving of the Gospel, for the introduction to Jesus.

(LaTricia J.) #31

Agreed. I make the conscious effort to show care and the light of Christ with those who believe differently from me, even in matters of gender identity. I don’t know how that seed will grow, but whenever they are around me, that’s what they will know even if for that one moment.

(Pierre Duranleau) #32

Interesting talk, basing it on the fact that we are all fallen from the grace of God is so important when approaching anyone. A quick definition of evangelism is :“One beggar who tells another were to get bread” Jesus is the bread of life.

(LaTricia J.) #33
  • Excellent point regarding how people being so adamant about people using a person’s preferred pronoun but will not extend that same respect to God. Usually, in our world today, many ‘progressive’ people want to label God how they want to label God, not how God has chosen to reveal Himself to us and what He has chosen engage with us as.

(David Moss) #34

Listening and showing compassion is not always so easy when it is overshadowed by the frustration and anger of watching a son or daughter go through this experience.

(Lindsay Brandt) #35

Honestly, I know well-meaning Christians that attempt to label God how they want to label God, too. And I think if every individual is honest with him/herself, I think all of us do that at some point. It’s just much more subtle, because it tends to happen with smaller things that no one pays much attention to. The matters we are dealing with here are simply the ones the secular world has decided to put in the spotlight, I think.

(Lindsay Brandt) #36

Ah, yes, David. That would be very difficult. I am assuming you are speaking of your own experience, if you don’t mind my asking…I am acquainted with someone who has struggled with that.

(David Moss) #37

You are correct.

(Lindsay Brandt) #38

I’m sorry you are having to go through that. Where do you think the anger and frustration comes from? I have not had that particular experience myself and so need a little help with understanding.

(David Moss) #39

Anger at the Dysphoria itself…at the possible underlying issues that may have caused it…anger at God for allowing this to happen to someone innocent… frustration that as a father you can’t do anything but watch and pray…

(Lindsay Brandt) #40

David, I “feel” the hurt in your words…in a way…and my heart goes out to you. I have three young children myself and cannot imagine what it would be like to go through that. I am assuming since you are on here, you watched Sam’s talk. Did you have any thoughts or feelings about it? Do you think there is anything he said that really resonated with you and you feel like you could grab onto to help you through this?

(Lindsay Brandt) #41

I am praying for you as we speak.

(Andilina) #42

Thank you so much, Sam, for a great talk! You are very blessed and your message is very clear and strong. May God continue to give you His wisdom and broaden your knowledge as He uses you to spread His message on such relevant topics for today. God Bless!!! :kissing_heart:

(David Moss) #43

I did watch. And I heard things that encouraged me in my search to understand how to show God’s love to one who has rejected him so deeply as to actively seeking to change the image that he was created in. There were interesting comments made in the presentation.

(Lindsay Brandt) #44

I’m glad that you found things to encourage you. What I thought I heard you saying in your previous comment, though (please correct me if I am wrong…I am checking my understanding), is that you felt that pain,anger with God and frustration with the individual, could get in the way of that and sometimes does. How do you think we, if we should ever feel that, could overcome that?