Livestream: How Can I Know My Gender? An Evening with Sam Allberry - Friday, February 15th

(David Moss) #45

The pain has to be lived through or put at the foot of the cross which is easier said than done. The anger at God had to be worked through on a personal basis though not necessarily alone and the frustration at any individual must be softened by the love for that individual.

(Linda Nikitin) #46

Friday, February 15, 2019
Dear Friends,
I was able to listen to part of Sam Allberry’s talk and also, I was able to listen to part of the Q and A on my Apple IPod touch. I would like to listen to the whole thing if it is made available.

(LaTricia) #47

@Linnie you can listen to the whole thing any time on YouTube, by clicking on the video; and on Facebook through the RZIM page. None of the videos are deleted. :smiley:

(Lindsay Brandt) #48

Yes, I think those are wise words. I had the thought, too, while I was waiting to hear from you, that any true, genuine love that we have for others really flows from God to us and through us. I would think increasing the time we spend with God in prayer and His Word would greatly help with that. We become more like who we “hang out” with. I think being honest with God, even about how we feel about Him, is incredibly important in not only our relationship with Him but also in our relationships with others and how we come across to others, as well, maybe. The Psalms are full of brutally honest feelings that are not comfortable, and yet, they are refreshing because of the relief felt sharing a burdened heart with the only One we know holds all things in His hands.

(Roger Watkins) #49

I work in construction at a nuclear plant and there are several people there in the trades who are transgender. I’ve listened to a lot of people mocking and making fun of them. I haven’t actually met any of them at work. All I’ve really said when I hear the mocking is that I’m sure they have had very difficult lives and that they should have some compassion for them. I’m sure they’ve struggled with things before but probably nothing like what these people have. I just tried to make them see things from the transgenders perspective and that there is a tremendous amount of emotional suffering that they’ve gone through and do every day and how difficult it must be to come to work in a construction trade as a transgender person. I just hope if God places me in a position to speak with one of them alone, that I am a good listener and can communicate the Love and Grace of Jesus effectively. I’m just like them in that I need God’s grace mercy and forgiveness and that it’s only found in Jesus. We all have no true identity until we find it in Christ.

(LaTricia) #50

Most of the TG I know, I knew before I came to Christ. So, they’ve always known me as caring and affectionate, nurturing, and willing to know who they are as a person. I see them and get to know them as regular people, just like they do me. And I keep an open door policy.

When we are hurt and confused, we all express it and handle it differently. Many I know are hurting deeply, and some have a very strong belief that God made a mistake in making them a specific sex at birth other than the sex they identify with. I think more than anything, when I hear someone say that, it hurts me or touches me. There were times when I have felt similarly only in regards to other things outside of my gender identity.

(David Moss) #51

Thanks to RZIM for hosting this presentation. And a personal note for Ravi… your messages of God’s love and Grace have often soothed my wounds…I am thankful to and for you. God bless

(Lindsay Brandt) #52

Yes, La Tricia. I have felt similar things, as well, although what I have gone through, and sometimes still do, is related to my gender. I have never felt I identified with the other gender in the way we are talking about here, but because I love power tools and logic and blue instead of pink and outdoors events vs. indoors ones, I have often felt out of place. I tend to be able to relate better to men than to women, and that has caused me a great deal of anger at times. I am called to teach, and yet I am not the typical “woman’s woman,” if you know what I mean. I have often asked my mentor why if God was going to call me, He didn’t just make me a man. This is not the exact same thing as transgender individuals go through, but it isn’t altogether alienated from it, either…at least I don’t believe it is. I could be wrong.

So I understand and appreciate your point and insight. It’s like Sam said, too, that we don’t have to have the exact same experiences to be able to relate to each other’s brokenness for the purpose of helping each other through our struggles and, in some cases, helping others to Christ.

(Linda Nikitin) #53

Friday, February 15, 2019
Thanks LaTricia!
I SO APPRECIATED Sam’s kindness and respectfulness tonight.

(LaTricia) #54

We don’t have to fit neatly into a stereotypical mold. Sam touched on this in the lecture when he spoke on gender roles and the activities associated with gender. There are many women who don’t fit the typical bill of “girlie”. But as Sam also spoke about in addressing Bruce Jenner’s transformation, as society, we say women don’t have to be uber femme but our magazines and such portray what is considered uber femme.

What a time to be alive! In spite of the struggles, being a woman who doesn’t fit neatly in the “ideal” mold of femininity isn’t something that can hold any of us back! We have freedom, spiritual and otherwise, to do impactful things and to bring glory to God in the work of our hands - no matter if those hands are dainty or a bit rough. There’s value in your uniqueness; there’s only one you who’s specifically molded to do what you do, how you do it.

(LaTricia) #55

You’re welcome! He was very gentle in handling such a weighty and potentially volatile topic. He did it all gracefully.

(Leah Theivagt) #56

Such a great talk and handled with such care and compassion. Great Q & A as well. A lot of helpful insights. I was particularly struck with the statement about every single one of us being sexually broken in some way. Not necessarily a new idea to me, but to hear it put the way he did in this context was just very powerful & thought-provoking.

(Tim Ramey) #57

Sam exuded with the love of Jesus. He graciously spoke his “sermon” through his humble and wise choice of words as well as his whole demeanor.

I wasn’t really interested in the topic but turned to it as I was waiting for someone. Immediately he was used to convict me as he mentioned that we should all be interested in the topic because it affects real people and Jesus always loved people.

He again was a tool that the Holy Spirit used to shine His light on me when he quoted, “Pro 18:13 If one gives answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame.” Wow - that one hit me right between the eyes - or I should say right on my mouth!

I will listen to it again as the Lord glows through him. You can tell that He is all about Jesus!

(LaTricia) #58

@Tim_Ramey I think that many people, in general, may feel that the topic doesn’t involve them for any number of reasons. But the topic is relevant to anyone living in this day and age because this is the world that we live in.

For instance, I know several TG or Gender Fluid identifying individuals who have chosen to either become parents after making that decision or who were parents first and made the decision along the way. And some of them are deciding to raise their children as gender neutral. Do we have any clue as to the impact this will have on the children as they grow up? Do we even know what impact this growing trend will have on society as a whole? Not really. But this is where we are as a world. This impacts our apologetics and our evangelism. It definitely impacts how we communicate with people whether we realize it or not. And even further, it’s extremely challenging to many believers which is why it is very helpful for us to learn and become familiar with the matter and the people across from us.

(Lena McClanahan) #59

Sam, Thank you so much for speaking on this topic. You did answer many of my questions that I have been struggling with over the past 3 years. I have a precious family member that is transgender.
We have asked ourselves many questions two being, “what could we have done differently?” and “what do we do now?” Prayers and love is what we’ve been doing.

(David Moss) #60

Saw your post and thought I’d comment saying I have had the same questions of how this could be happening to my child. In my research and experience, many times there are underlying issues that can be present when dysphoria results. In my son’s case he informed us of sexual abuse by his closest cousin for nearly 5 years beginning around age 10. He also was the one who introduced him to transexual pornography.
During those years my marriage was crumbling and unable to save it, we divorced during his most formatve years. Both my kids went to private christian schools until middle school. And my son was more of a creative and sensitive child rather that an athletic one. He says he was bullied right up until 10th grade when he finally quit and started work on his GED.
Lastly, I think that access to the internet played a pivotal role in my son’s case. Parental controls that are already installed in the computers are not enough. And if I had it to do over again my kids would have neither personal phone or computer until they were at least 16 possibly 18.
Studies show that phone addition hits the same cells as those fired up by cocaine and other addictions.
Don’t beat yourself up though that’s easier said than done. We can only continue to advocate for our loved ones through prayers. God bless.

(Claire N Streb) #61

@ Tim_Ramey Yes! :heart_eyes:

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(Linda Nikitin) #62

Monday, February 18, 2019
I wanted to let you know that I want to listen to Sam Allberry again. But because of his talk, I have memorized Proverbs 26:3-5 from The 1984 New International Version.
Proverbs 26:3-5 says, “A whip for the horse, a halter for the donkey, and a rod for the backs of fools. Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself. Answer a fool according to his folly or he will be wise in his own eyes.”

I also read Ravi Zacharias’ article from the Just Thinking section of our RZIM app called “The Will To Do.” So grateful for Jesus’ Help, the clarity of the article and the encouragement I received from reading it.

Linnie :blush::two_hearts::dove:

(Tim Ramey) #63

Thanks Claire. I could not give Sam enough accolades!

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(gerhard NvC) #65

Thanks for a very sensitively presented talk of a subject. It is refreshing to hear someone with common sense and who has done his homework.
In a world were we expect that our will is to be done it is clear that we expect healing - which is mind body harmony - to come from our body being in in the shape we wish it to be instead of our mind to change. It is like praying to God to heal us by giving us a new leg and to live in frustration instead of praying to God to give us the strength to accept the reality and give us wings to overcome our obstacles.

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