Livia Hiltebrand


I am a Swiss living in Wales to study Sociology.

I was listening to Cover to Cover about Saving Truth and became curious about connect. I am enjoying reading the articles about different topics and hope to be part of discussions. Also, I hope to learn more from other members so that I can grow spiritually.
As I am planning to move to Japan next year, I hope to find some connections here on connect.



Welcome aboard @Liv. Your a certainly getting ti experience multiple places and cultures. That will serve you well. Thanks for coming along side us. I pray that your experiences and your study will be guided by the spirit. I also pray that your time here will be blessing to you as well as those you connect with. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello, Livia, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: That’s courageous to travel so far - I hope you find Connect to be a community that “travels” with you via technology. Have you found the podcast and Japanese forum areas here on Connect?


Hi Liv! @Liv
I’m encouraged by your adventurous spirit to follow hard after God’s call on your life :relaxed:

You sound like you’re eager to learn and grow in Him- so glad you’ve joined this community of Believers to know Him more. Others here will also grow as you share your perspective and thoughts in conversation.

Enjoy looking around- be blessed, Liv :heart: