Living a Life that Matches Our Apologetic

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ," Mahatma Gandhi once said. RZIM India’s Neil Vimalkumar encourages us to Take Five minutes to introspect on that comment, examining if our lives do look like Christ’s.

In the Christian worldview, there is a definite call for belief and behavior to correspond.

In other words, the testimony of life comes before the verbal apologetic, so our lifestyle apologetic is very crucial.

There is a biblical way of doing anything under the sun: a biblical way of watching a football match; a biblical way of relating with colleagues at workplace; a biblical way of raising children; a biblical way of handling finances; a biblical way of sorting out conflicts; and my part of the world, a biblical way to drive on the road. Yes, Christian apologetics is in that sense all inclusive.

Make it Personal

  • If there is a biblical way of doing anything under the sun, what is something that you have not considered as to how to live it out biblically?

  • Have you had an experience where the life you lived led to a conversation about the Gospel?