Living Well Means Mourning Well

On Take Five today, RZIM France Director Raphael Anzenberger reminds us that life can be complicated at times but that tears of love are there to remind us that we were not meant to live life alone. We have been created in the image of God who himself is love. Tears of love help us heal and continue to bear fruit for what is next to come.

If we don’t take time to mourn, then we won’t be able to live well.

Tears are God’s gift to take the pain which is inside and to bring it outside where it can be healed.

Living well means mourning well. As the changes that come our way, how do you live, my friend? Do you welcome your tears?

Make it Personal

  • Do you welcome your tears?

  • What differentiates our mourning as Christians from mourning without Christ?


This!!! Thank you so very much for addressing the topic of loss. You did not only speak of loss of loved ones, but of teens moving from home to college. I would love to use this 5 minutes with our youth group at CFBC. Over the years of volunteering in the student ministry, we have found that the teens are not well prepared for the many transitions that take place their first year at college so, therefore, their emotions take them by surprise. They begin to believe that something is “wrong” with them & no one else is experiencing the same. Social media has wrecked their hearts. I have spoken to them of transitions, but I never equated it to real loss. This makes so much sense.

I so very much look forward to filling up my storehouse so that I spill over into theirs!!!



@jspare This is thought provoking. I think a time to slow down and reflective are necessary to facilitate such healing with tears. I witness individuals living at the light of speed and put this kinda of moments on the back burner to deal with later and in the process larger issues manifest. I think that might be the dividing line between those who long to work it out in healing with Christ and those who don’t.

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