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Aloha from…Jacksonville Beach, Florida?

Originally from the midwest, I moved to Maui Hawaii in my late teens and lived there for seventeen years—while also frequently living abroad (Asia and Europe) for a few months at a time. I am now living in Jacksonville Beach, FL doing admissions counseling and digital communication for a Christian graduate school while I save to go back to school.

In Maui I served in a discipleship and missions program, mentoring students, serving with them in diverse missions contexts around the world, and teaching worldview and apologetics. Since my teens, RZIM has been a source of formative content for me—truly “Helping the thinker believe, and the believer think.” So a few years ago when I felt prompted to pursue further education and training after years of ministry, I was thrilled to be able to participate in RZIM’s Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics while doing a certificate in Theological Studies at the University of Oxford. The questions I explored in Oxford led me to pursue a Masters in Theological Studies at Regent College in Vancouver—which I recently completed, yay!—focusing on the intersection of theology and philosophy.

I was referred to RZIM Connect by a classmate from OCCA, @KMac …who knows that I share her love for journeying with people who are seeking to deepen their faith and witness—which is exactly what I hope to do in this community.

Looking forward to getting to know you and growing together in the Connect Ohana (family)!


Hello to you, dear friend!! Looking forward to continuing on this journey together, even though we’re still oceans apart. (At least it’s now only one ocean.) :smile: I tip my cuppa tea to you in salute! :coffee:


Hello! Welcome to Connect @Lizibeth! Jacksonville, FL is my hometown! I now reside in Atlanta. I just graduated from OCCA this past year and it was amazing. I was considering Regent for a Master’s degree, but it would be tough to move my whole family there after just returning from Oxford. I am considering online options now, but who knows what the future holds? I look forward to interacting with you on Connect!


Wow! What an impressive, inspiring introduction, welcome to connect @Lizibeth. I trust you will be a blessing to many here. I really look forward to reading your thoughts and insight into the conversations :pray:t3:
Congratulations on all your accomplishments!


Welcome aboard @Lizibeth. Congratulations on the educational pursuits and accomplishments. Very glad to have you joining connect especially with the enthusiasm and background that you will be able to share and bless the members here with. God-bless you and your journey.


Thank you, @Keldon_Scott and @sig! It is definitely the Lord who accomplished things in this story, not me:) I am a grateful and blessed recipient of God’s grace in these learning opportunities he has provided on my journey. Thank you both for your encouragement and welcome!


Hi Liz, blessings from Mexico.
I read that you have taken classes in Occ, which is a very good apologetic school in Oxford, I wanted to ask you how is Occ, how long does it take, how was your experience, the subjects taught there.


Hola, @farid_soriano! Thanks for reaching out. I did a one year training program with OCCA and it was a very special time of training and equipping for me. The RZIM instructors facilitated a valuable learning environment for us. I learned so much from my classmates from around the world who each brought a different perspective. That environment of relationships was formative. It provided many opportunities for sharing questions, getting feedback, encouragement, and being challenged by diverse perspectives…actually similar to the opportunities available to us on Connect!

I was really blessed to have the opportunity to study there, and of course I recommend it…but it is not an end all. Making good use of Connect, online resources (and things like RZIM Academy), and prayerfully reflecting with others as you continue to practice what you learn can deliver a really formative apologetics learning experience and equip you as an increasingly effective witness. Are here specific areas you hope to grow in? Areas you want to be better equipped in your evangelism?


Yes, I have a passion for apologetics. In fact I took the general course of RZIM Latam
I specialize in topics of Science and God because of my environment and my career. Now we are doing a study group at a university in Mexico to evangelize with apologetics
Do you have any recommendations for me about this?
hope so


Hi @farid_soriano, I love hearing about your participation in this university study group! I worked in some study groups in east Asia (country unnamed) that invited students to come and consider various popular barriers to faith in Christ and it was a fruitful ministry.

We often forget how significant it is for students to encounter men and women who are willing to have conversations about the objections to Christianity! I have seen that it is powerful for inquirers to engage with joyful and open/question-welcoming (rather than defensive or combative) Christians even when we confess we do not have the answer to a particular inquiry. Hospitality and authenticity speak volumes—and implicitly reflect our confidence in Christ and his gospel. Thank you for engaging in this crucial ministry in your context in Mexico.

As far as recommending resources, it might help to know 1) what you are already familiar with / have used, 2) more specifically what particular couple issues or questions your group has expressed are obstacles for them. Good answers start with good listening, and I am sure you have already practiced that…what are you hearing?

Looking forward to hearing back!



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Welcome to the Sunshine :sunny: :parasol_on_ground: , Hurricane :ocean: :umbrella:, love bug, state!

You have lived in some amazing places and seen first hand Gods beautiful diversity not only in geography :earth_americas: :earth_asia: but in people as well.

Congratulations on completing your Masters, I celebrate and applaud :clap:t2: your dedication and hard work. I am excited to watch how God uses your many travels and life experience to touch and enrich the lives of the people on RZIM Connect, and in turn, those people will touch and enrich you as well.


Thank you, @farid_soriano, and praise the Lord for the beginnings of this study group! I look forward to hearing you share questions and testimonies as God works in you and the participants in your gathering. I hope Connect can be a helpful resource for you to receive input on challenging questions which arise in your group, as well as for you to develop your own skills in sharing answers so you may be a greater blessing to those you serve.


[quote=“farid_soriano, post:11, topic:23154”]
Hi @farid_soriano, I love hearing about your participation in this university study group! I worked in some study groups in east Asia (country unnamed) that invited students to come and consider various popular barriers to faith in Christ and it was a fruitful ministry.

Hello friend, I have done quite well, started with a group from my local church, the first step is to affirm them, starting an apologetic course.For this, divide the Fridays of the month (which are the days we meet) in several things
1 bible and normal preaching
2 Apologetics course
3 times of evangelism
4 recreation
In this way we give the group as a certain order, we also put a name to the group and we call ourselves lighthouse

So far we are doing well, do you have any other friend suggestions?

and what about you?
How are you doing, how do you feel?

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Welcome to Connect! It’ll be fun having your input on our discussions here. You mention saving up to go back to school. Do you have specific plans for what you’d like to study when you have the funds for more schooling?


@Jennifer_Wilkinson Thanks for your warm welcome! Yes, I am looking at doing a degree in Philosophy. I am accepted into a program in the UK but still discerning:) My MA was in theological studies with an emphasis on philosophy and a lot of my most challenging questions emerge along that intersection. I am particularly interested in epistemology and a number of questions in philosophy of religion (which overlap heavily with what we consider apologetics questions).


That’s exciting! I’ll pray God gives you wisdom as you try to discern whether the program in the UK is the right one for you.


Liz! Welcome to Connect on this your official debut! Thank you for being part of this community. Your insight is most welcome and appreciated :purple_heart:.