Liz Fischer | Aloha!

Haha, if I manage to make focusing on the intersection of theology and philosophy my “profession” as you’ve called it, then I too would be pretty stoked! But it remains to be seen exactly which direction the Lord plans to develop all this, so I’m keeping my day job for the moment;) Whether it is my “profession” or not, I always want to be diligent to think well about the things he has set on my heart and mind—and help others do the same.


Aloha and E Komo Mai Liz!

Love your heart for ministry and discipleship. What takes you to Europe and Asia? Your intro sounds very exciting. :slight_smile:
I lived in Oahu for just shy of 3 years. Any chance you know Tish Lehfeldt from 95.5 the Fish?

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Aloha, Jessica! I didn’t get to Oahu much besides for medical care I needed for a period of time, but the one or two other visits I had there were fun. But being a Maui girl I have to stand by the truism, “Maui no ka oi” :wink:

I’m afraid I don’t know Tish…but I didn’t get around that much. Spent most of my time in a tiny town on Maui’s North Shore, mentoring students in a discipleship program:)

Welcome to Connect—I hope you will find a warm aloha spirit in the community here!