Local Church? Any one aware them any thoughts of good church in Austin Texas

(Robb Poirier ) #1

Okay so I’ve been invited to a Local Church. Any one have knowledge of them? They claim no demoninarions and also says they are not non denominational either.
They have little about beliefs on website…

It like a Jehovah Witness tried to convert me now a Church I’ve never herd of all in same week. And I’ll I’m doing is searching for a church in my area that is not all about money and manipulated scriptures to get a new building as within a mile of every church in the city are homeless ppl who I know for a fact Jesus would be there helping them instead of having us hang out for an hour in a Mega church drinking coffee and uses are cell phones to scan the messages.

I’m not use to modern churches bc I’ve never been a church goer ever but feels so differnt.

I was a Bible based and God fearing church who believes in the trinity and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I want a church that doesn’t look the other way at conterveral topics bc its 2019, but also one compassionate and not a judge and juror.

When I met Jesus was in rough shape and had 0 knowledge he was compassionate with me and didnt throw stones or tell me I’m heading to hell every day bc of my sin.

(Robert Anderson) #2

One of my good friends is a pastor at a church called The Well. His name is Nick. I don’t live in Austin but I did have the pleasure of flying out there to visit him and attend The Well. I would highly recommend.

(Maged Atalla) #3

I highly recommend Austin Oaks Church. I was invited once to preach there. Their pastor is so active and a man with a vision to lead people to Jesus.

(Dean Schmucker) #4

50 years ago they were onto something, but today all I experience in their meetings is parrot-like devotion to their human leaders.
But perhaps Austin LC is different