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Hi everyone,
I am looking for some reliable material to reference to create a teaching series about Islam (e.g., origins, tenents, apologetics) to teach to middle school/high school age. Any recommendations?

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Hi @kddawso,

I would recommend you take the RZIM Academy’s core module and then the Islam elective. This will give you an excellent foundation for how to engage the questioner (the Muslim) and not just the questions (of Islam). http://rzimacademy.org/courses/

In addition, you may want to watch the Understanding and Answering Islam conferences we have hosted - outstanding content from a world class team of contributors: UAI 2018 and UAI 2019.


Excellent suggestions, thank you! I want to make sure i have a strong foundation of truth so that i can teach our young people how to engage the culture with love and intelligent thought.

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I met a guy named Nabeel Quereshi when he was here in Alaska with Ravi one time and he had just released a book called “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.” That book greatly enhanced my understanding of Islam and the problem of conversion from an experiential point of view; the emotional aspects in addition to the nuts and bolts. You may find his book a helpful read. As Ravi often says behind every question is a questioner. Being able to address the human/ emotional side of the discussion should prove helpful if questions arise. Hope this helps.

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I believe that Nabeel has gone to be with our Lord Jesus Christ.

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I don’t know how much time you have but I found this to be a very good course if you want a better understanding of the Qur’an. Peter Riddell was a guest speaker at RZIM 2019 Understanding Islam.
The course is a little dated on the technology side but in very informative.

On the same site


And for contrast try

Sheikh Yusuf Estes is a former Christian preacher who reverted.

And this one.