Loren (male)

Introduce yourself.
Hello family. My name is Loren.

Where are you from?
I do not have enough time right now to write a response to the question of where I am from. At the moment I live in Alabama, U. S. A.

What led you…?
I wanted access to the core content.

How do you hope to contribute…?
Any way that I am able.


Hello @Loren, it’s wonderful to have you here :slightly_smiling_face: Engage here when you are able. Enjoy browsing through this forum and feel free to share your thoughts :pray:t3:


Welcome! Hopefully you have more time so we can hear more from you soon!

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Welcome aboard @Loren. Congrats on finishing the core module. It is nice having access to those lectures, isn’t it? I hope you find some connections here that you can share the core module tenets you learned. Participate as often as you are able. Enjoy! God-bless you and your journey.